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Tom Larson

Great post, very informative!
I'm not engineer but I always have my fan by the window, thought that was common sence?! hehe

Good job.

UK Crime Prevention

fire blanket

Nice article well written and easily to understand even for me thanks keep up the good work.

Roy Slater

Great work on the post. It really makes things easier when I can learn what the problem is and then try and fix it from there. I had no idea that most hvac systems were so complex. Thanks for the diagrams.

Darren Gersol

It is a good idea to maximize the use of dampers in an HVAC system. Small improvements in the design of HVAC systems will eventually benefit the general public.

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The term HVAC originates from the words Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning and it is usually employed when speaking about an individual who renovates older homes or perhaps facilitates building new ones, installs basic heating system, ventilating and also air conditioning accessories and much more.

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